About me.


Born in Goslar.

Graduated high school.

Civil service at a workshop for disabled adults.

Work experience (apprenticeship) as a string instrument maker at Marleaux Bass Guitars.

Formal training as a carpenter with a furniture maker.

String instrument maker at Marleaux Bass Guitars in Clausthal Zellerfeld with focus on
production of electric guitars and bass guitars, custom-made instruments.

University Studies:

Musical instrument maker (Dipl., FH) – Master string instrument maker specializing in guitars. Distinction for best musical instrument (6-string acoustic bass guitar) of the class.

Further activities: Academic research during university studies Construction and Conception of Acoustic Bass Guitars. Practical, Theoretical, and Metrological Part. Restoration of an upright bass; construction of two acoustic bass guitars in Spanish and German style; construction of classical guitars and acoustic bass guitars according to own design, in German and Spanish style and polished by hand using shellac.

Employment as a master guitar maker with the company Höfner, Hagenau.

Establishment of the company SCHÖNITZ GITARREN




For myself as musician and bassist, it was always a big motivation of mine to build acoustic bass guitars that are really compelling in their level of sound. My instruments are characterized by loud, sustainable bass, tonal balance, and a high overtone spectrum. Without an amplifier, one of my bass guitars could be accompanied by two acoustic guitars, providing a solid basis. The dimensions of the music venue naturally pose limitations – preference is often give to a large, upright bass, but in order to achieve that level of sound with an acoustic bass guitar, physical amplification is required. For this reason, it is standard for a pickup to be installed.

The instruments are equipped with nylon core strings from Thomastik-Infeld. These strings are pleasing to the touch and are similar in tone to that of an upright bass. By using exquisite selected tone woods, many combinations are possible with respect to acoustic aesthetics and tone. I own a large selection of matured dried precious woods. Each piece of wood possesses its own unique character, making each instrument one of a kind.

This aspect in particular for me as a guitar maker is incredibly multifaceted and is a source of unending inspiration.

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