All materials in my workshop are carefully selected and combined in order to achieve the perfect combination. Clients are provided individual assistance in selecting woods, allowing each the opportunity to define his own instrument and incorporate any desired custom features.

Wood & Other Materials

I possess a large collection of dried, mature tonewood that is available for selection.

Having placed focus primarily upon regional wood types, I possess a large selection of:

Plum, olive, olive-ash, nut, yew, cherry, mottled pear, and apple wood. I own very old (1960s) mottled Bosnian maple acquired from the estate of a former violin maker.

My collection of available wood also comprises exotic wood:

Diverse rosewood species, e.g. East Indian Rosewood, Cocobolo, Madagascar Rosewood, African Blackwood, … Pau Ferro (Santos), Macassar Ebony, etc. …

The following woods are available for soundboards: European Spruce, figured European Spruce, very old spruce from the 1960s. Other alternatives: Western Red Cedar.




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